7 Ridiculously Valuable Things You Probably Didn’t Even Know You Had Lying Around Your House

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Who knew these old things could be worth so much?

Hoarding is generally a frowned-upon behaviour, but if you and your family have packrat tendencies, we’ve got good news for you. You might just have some hidden treasures lying around in your home, waiting to be auctioned off for hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

Valuable things you may own!

What sort of “junk” could be deemed valuable? You’d be surprised at these valuable things you didn’t know you had. 

1. Old furniture

valuable things you may own

Image: Pixabay

If you have a bunch of vintage furniture lying around the house, think twice before throwing them out. You might have a forgotten designer piece lying around, like this couple who bought a 1940s Herman Miller chair (worth US$14,000-$140,000) for $5 at a garage sale.

And it’s not just designer furniture that could fetch a pretty sum. Vintage Ikea furniture (think circa 1943) has been selling for as high as a whopping $86,000.

2. First edition books

Some of the dusty hardcovers in your grandparents’ shelf might just be of some value. If they’re first edition copies of popular books, they could be worth tens of thousands of dollars!

3. Vintage costume jewellery

valuable things you may own

Image: Max Pixel

We all know that diamonds and gold are valuable, but costume jewellery? Apparently, vintage costume jewellery can be worth a lot in secondhand stores. According to AZCentral, these pieces don’t even have to have any gold to be deemed hundreds of dollars.

Judging the value of your jewellery is nearly impossible to do on your own. So if you chance upon an old jewellery box of your great-great-great grandmother’s, take it to a professional to get the pieces appraised and see how much you can scrounge up for them.

4. Obsolete phones

With new super phones hitting the market every so often, it’s hard to think that your series 2 phone from three years ago would cost anywhere near how much you paid for it. But if you’re lucky, you might actually be able to get some of that dough back.

30 years ago, the brand new Motorola DynaTAC 8000x sold for $4,000. Now, people have been buying them for over $500, which is impressive, considering most of them don’t work anymore. Your old Nokia 5110 might not be worth much now, but who knows what can happen in a few years?

5. Old comic books

valuable things you may own

Image: Pixabay

You might not think much of your uncle’s collection of comic books from his teenage years.  but if they’re rare and in good condition, you could get a considerable amount of money from them. And if your uncle’s collection happens to include DC and Marvel comics from the ‘30s and ‘40s, they could be worth a fortune.

6. Happy Meal toys

Who could have known that those old Happy Meal toys could be worth something one day? These old toys can be sold for quite a lot, especially if they come in a set. But sometimes, just one toy is enough. One single Happy Meal toy—the TY Beanie Babies Roary the Lion—has been deemed worth $750.

7. Old gaming consoles

valuable things you may own

Image: Pixabay

Most of us have an old gaming console lying around, but usually it’s only the original models that can get a nice price tag. The original model of the Game Boy is up for sale for up to $700. Its games are fetching an even higher price; like the brand new Mega Man II cartridge selling for a whopping $2,000.

If you have even older games, they could be worth even more. In 2010, one very lucky man in Texas sold his Air Raid for Atari 2600 for $31,600.

* * *

There’s nothing wrong with going through your belongings and decluttering. In fact, we recommend it. But as this list shows us, you shouldn’t dismiss everything in your attic as old junk—there could be some real valuable things you didn’t know you had!

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