Alternative Ideas For Valentine’s Day: Spice Up The Relationship

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Don’t do the boring old flowers and dinner date, try spicing up your relationship with these alternative ideas for Valentine's Day.

Everywhere around the world, people scratch their heads on what to do for their partner on February 14 every year.

It’s Valentine’s Day and every romantic restaurant will be PACKED with people and you will be stuck choosing from an overpriced Valentine’s Day menu.

That’s far from romantic, but that’s the general idea that most people have of what to do for Valentine’s Day.

Unusual Valentine’s Day ideas to spice up your relationship:

1. Visit a nearby town you’ve never been to before

unusual valentine's day ideas

If you’re based in Singapore or Malaysia, chances are there are plenty of options to explore beyond the main cities. Have you ever visited Pontian in Johor for their famous wanton mee? Or Kuala Selangor to see the fireflies?

These short day trips mean you won’t have to break the bank booking accommodation, but it still is a romantic getaway nonetheless. It’s certainly cheaper than doing a staycation in the city!

2. Go glamping

unusual valentine's day ideas

Again, this is a cheaper alternative to staycations in the city. Go back to nature with these down-to-earth accommodations. Whether it is a tent or a drain pipe room or a treehouse, glamping can make for a romantic evening away from home.

You get to enjoy “roughing” it out in the middle of a jungle or perched on a hill but still have access to more-than-basic amenities.

3. Take a cooking class together

unusual valentine's day ideas

Instead of sitting down at a restaurant and have someone serve you, take up a cooking class. Learn to prepare your meal together and discover a different side of your partner. It is a great bonding experience while doing an enjoyable activity. Who knows, you might unleash an inner domestic god/goddess in your other half while doing so.

4. Dine in the dark

unusual valentine's day ideas

Have you ever experienced eating a meal in total darkness? You won’t know where your cutlery is or your dinnerware or what you’re eating. You won’t even know where your other half is sitting.

But while one of your senses might be muted, the other senses are heightened. The sense of touch, taste, smell and sound will be amplified in the darkness. It can be pretty sexy to sit across from your other half and hold their hands in the dark.

It will make you feel things you haven’t felt before. PLUS it is a great way to get your partner off the phone — because NO PHONES ALLOWED!

5. Create some art

unusual valentine's day ideas

Channel your inner artists by taking your partner out to an art cafe or bar. Sip on coffee or wine as you hold up paint brushes and let your imaginations run. Do you have what it takes to create a masterpiece?

Find out together by giving life to the canvas. It’s a fun activity to do that goes beyond just food and drinks. Later on, you can even take your works of art home to display as a nice memento of your night out together.


Will you be trying out these alternative ideas for Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments. 

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