Here Are The 5 Most Common Types Of Data Stolen And Why

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Have you ever gotten your data stolen? It’s actually more common than you think, especially with the most common types of data.

We hear about cyber attacks happening to many companies. Uber has been a victim of it, losing 57 million of its users’ data to hackers.

You and I might even have been part victims of that breach.

Microsoft has been hacked in the past, alongside many other notable companies. It has become such a regular occurrence in recent years.

Most attacks involve criminals stealing valuable information. But what exactly is this valuable information?

Types of data breaches: 5 most common types of data stolen

types of data breaches

1. Credit card or payment data

This is a pretty obvious one. Whenever we key in our credit card details online, we’re putting ourselves at a huge risk. This data is attractive for cyber criminals to steal. The hackers can use the information for quick access to money. They can drain your account and use your details fraudulently. Or they can even use it to sell on the black market.

2. Personal authentication details

Whether it is the password to your Instagram account or to your email address, your personal authentication details can be valuable to some hackers. It can also be sold on the black market. Of course, if you were a celebrity or a hotshot in some kind of financial institution, this is worth a lot more on the black market.

3. Copyrighted material

Sometimes all of us are a little guilty of this. It is illegal for us to download music, movies, books and other information under copyright. So why would a cyber criminal not want to steal this kind of information when they can? Data piracy loses companies plenty of money all the time and criminals know this.

4. Medical records

Health information is also a valuable asset to cyber criminals. They can use to sell on the black market. People who buy the information off the black market could then use it to obtain services and medication under your credentials. They could also use it to scam insurance companies.

5. Classified information

In the personal sense, you may not have a lot of classified information. But in the business sense, classified information means a lot. It could include information like your organisation’s top secret product idea or the code for your security doors in the office or factory or building.


Now that you know which are the most common types of data stolen, how should you protect yourself?

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