Malaysians Are Trying This Money-Saving Trick And Saving Thousands A Year!

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Malaysians are trying this Malaysian money-saving trick shared by a fellow netizen and are saving thousands a year in cash.

In a post that went viral online, a Malaysian guy shares his experience of trying to save RM20 a day but fails to do so.

Malaysian money saving trick

Source: Moretify

Translated and summarised, this is what Khangwei says, “Last year, my plan was to save up some money, but after nine months, I failed to do so. So I tried out my friend’s method, which was putting aside RM20 each day. “It was too much for me, so I decided to come up with my own money-saving formula.”

Khangwei, who details his pain in trying to save up RM20 a day, decided to come up with a new method.

His new method, which worked very well for him, has netizens wanting to try the method out for themselves.

The rules are simple and everyone can easily follow this Malaysian money-saving method:

Malaysian money saving trick

Source: Moretify

1. Each day, put one piece of RM5 and RM1 note into a bottle (or your preferred piggy bank)

2. If there’s no RM5 in your wallet, replace it with five RM1 notes

3. If you don’t have any RM5 or RM1 with you, then you’ll have to contribute a piece of RM10. Ouch!

4. When your salary is out, take one RM50 note and put in the bottle/piggy bank

Malaysian money saving trick

Source: Moretify

After just three months, Khangwei decides to cut open his plastic drinking bottle to count the money. He found a month’s salary as savings in his bottle!

Another Malaysian money-saving trick

Malaysian money saving trick

Source: Azlin Hashim Aqra/FB

Another Malaysian girl uses a slightly different method. In another viral Facebook post, Azlin Hashim Aqra managed to save up almost RM9,000 with her method.

What she did was take out any RM5 and RM20 note that she had in her wallet everyday and put it away in her savings boxes.

Malaysian money saving trick

Source: Azlin Hashim Aqra/FB

She started doing this on January 1, 2017 and followed the method until December 31, 2017. When she finally counted her savings, the total amount came up to RM8,915.

She collected 349 pieces of RM20 and 387 pieces of RM5. Many netizens expressed their admiration for her determination to grow her savings and said that they wanted to be like her.

We’re quite impressed with this Malaysian money-saving trick and might be trying it ourselves!


Do you have any money-saving tricks you think are even more effective? Let us know! 

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