An Intimate Look Inside Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s Lovely £8.9M Home

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Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools have the most gorgeous home, and an even more beautiful family.

Most of us are aware that the lives of the rich and famous aren’t as perfect as they look. But when you take a closer look at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s home, it makes you wonder if life can really be that idyllic.

Jamie Oliver Family House

Though Jamie’s Instagram is (understandably) full of gorgeous photographs of his culinary creations, his wife Jools regularly shares photos of their family life on her Instagram.

It’s a gorgeous home—according to Ham & High, the Olivers bought their eight-bedroom Restoration era home for £8.9million. Jools is a designer, with her own line of clothes and home design pieces on Mothercare. It’s no wonder, then, that the Oliver home picture perfect.

Here are just a few highlights.

1. My, what a big bed you have!

jamie oliver family house

2. “Little baby, big bath”

jamie oliver family house

3. According to Jools, this is a rare sight: Jamie in his home office in the middle of the day

jamie oliver family house

4. That gorgeous baby grand is 😍

jamie oliver family house

5. All the kids around the table

jamie oliver family house

6. Playtime at the girls’ playroom

jamie oliver family house

7. Another view of the playroom

jamie oliver family house

8. Storytime with big sis

jamie oliver family house

9. Taking after dad

jamie oliver family house

10. Opening presents in their cosy den

jamie oliver family house

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