7 Things You Should Do Before 10PM To Become More Organised

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What we do before bed sets the tone for the following day. Here's what organised women do differently.

Organised women weren’t just born that way—they’re creatures of habit and routine. If you think that you could be a little more organised, here are a few things you can do before bed.

1. Check your calendar

Ever been jolted awake in the morning with the realization that you had an event you forgot to prepare for? Or maybe you’ve even missed one or two appointments because they completely slipped your mind.

This is why organised women check their calendars every day. By knowing what’s happening the following day (and even in the days to come), organised people can better prepare themselves for whatever’s on their daily agenda.

2. Clean up

I know, I know, cleaning up at the end of the day is such a bother, especially when you’re all tired out from your busy day. But you know what’s worse than having to clean up a mess in the evening? Waking up to a messy house.

Don’t let the mess pile up. Wash your dishes, clean up your workstation, pick up your clothes, and even do your laundry if you have the time. That way, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day, with minimal distractions.

3. Put together tomorrow’s outfit

It’s time to stop scrambling through your wardrobe every morning to find something to wear. Before going to bed, decide on tomorrow’s outfit and set it out.

This means you have to check your calendar (step 1), check the weather forecast (is it gonna be bright and sunshiney? Pack your sunnies!), and so forth. It’ll save you so much stress in the morning.

4. Prepare tomorrow’s meals

You want to be able to get out of bed and go, so if it’s possible, take some time in the evening to prepare the following day’s breakfast, or even your lunch.

If that seems like too much work to do every single evening, you could prepare set meals for multiple days once or twice a week. Super efficient!

5. Make tomorrow’s to-do list

Writing a to-do list mentally prepares you for what’s to come. Not only does it help you ensure that you don’t forget anything, it also makes you more productive and less likely to get frazzled by the demands of the day.

6. Put the phone away

Now that you’ve checked your calendar, your inbox, and created your to-do list, it’s time to put your phone away. Don’t spend your evening scrolling through your social media feeds or watching YouTube videos. Science has found that using mobile devices before bed can negatively affect sleep, so pick up a book instead.

7. Have some quiet time

Organised women lead busy lives, which is precisely why they need to be organised. And organised women know the importance of setting aside some time for themselves.

Take at least a half-hour to wind down and reflect on your day. You could write in a journal, meditate, take a long shower, or even go for a run (not too close to bedtime though, cause ta workout can wake you up).

Remember: being well-organised isn’t about turning into the Eveready bunny, it’s all about designing your life so you find balance.


Which of these tips are you going to apply to your evenings? Let us know in the comments!

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