Singaporeans, How Much Are You Giving Your Maid For Their Christmas Bonus?

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The holidays are here! Be sure to include your helper in your gift list!

‘Tis the season of cheerful giving (can we get a “falalalala”?). Though we may be preoccupied with checking off our gift lists and shuttling from one Christmas party to another, we shouldn’t forget to give back to the people who take care of our family.

That’s why the question isn’t whether or not you should be giving your maid a bonus, but how much you should be giving. Though giving your maid a Christmas bonus isn’t mandated by law, if your maid observes the holiday, then it’s only fair that you give her something to celebrate with.

One month’s salary: Just right or plain excessive?

christmas bonus for maids in singapore

Many Singaporeans give their maids a 13th-month pay—especially if their maid is from the Philippines, where this practice is the norm. Other employers pay for a round-trip ticket to their home country so they can spend the holidays with their loved ones.

But not everyone can afford to do that. Money may be tight in your household, and in that case, you should communicate this to your maid early on so she can align her expectations. However, you can always express your gratitude in other ways.

Christmas bonus for caregiver in Singapore: Some alternatives

christmas bonus for maids in singapore

Instead of giving money, you could give your helper nice toiletries, a day off in Sentosa, a new outfit, and so forth. But of course, cash is still king.

Remember that most helpers have families to support back home, so it only makes sense that most would rather receive cash over other presents. recommends giving housekeepers 50-100% of their fee, plus a “thank you” card and a nice present.

If you’re feeling particularly Scrooge-like this Christmas, remember that your helper dedicates almost every minute of her waking hour to taking care of you and your family. Have some holiday cheer and show your maid how much you appreciate her. Research shows that giving makes us happier, so you’ll be doing yourself a favour as well.

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