Check Out The 7 Singapore Bars That Made It To The World’s Best 100 Bars List

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Looking for the best bars in Singapore? These 7 bars, which made it to the ranking of the world's best 100 bars, are good places to start.

Singapore has pretty great bars—there’s no doubt about that. In fact, in 2017, seven of Singapore’s bars impressed the experts at The World’s 50 Best Bars so much that they made their Top 100 list. In the whole world. That’s no mean feat, especially when you consider how small the city-state is.

Best cocktail bars in Singapore

So if you’re looking for the perfect places to:

  1. unwind after a particularly gruelling day at work
  2. celebrate your awesomeness
  3. impress your friends/date/client/arch-nemesis
  4. have a really good drink, just because

…we’ve got you covered. For your drinking pleasure, we present to you: the best bars in Singapore.

62. Gibson

best cocktail bars in singapore
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This intimate bar gets its name from the classic yet unusual gin-and-vermouth cocktail garnished with a pickled onion. Gibson-the-bar’s other offerings are similarly unique, using strange ingredients like bitter gourds, quail eggs, and even balsamic vinegar. It makes sense that the bar is styled with an Art Deco flourish—the Gibson, after all, was invented in the 1900s.

47. Native

best cocktail bars in singapore
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Even though Native only opened in December 2016, the bar has cemented its reputation as a must-visit in Singapore, thanks to its creative offerings made from unique ingredients foraged in and around Southeast Asia. Its signature drink Antz is a creamy concoction of coconut yoghurt, Thai rum, sugar cane, and to top it all off, a freeze-dried basil leaf complete with a sprinkling of crunchy ants, straight from Thailand. Perfect for quenching that taste for adventure!

31. Tippling Club

best cocktail bars in singapore
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Also an award-winning restaurant, Tippling Club‘s bar sets itself apart right from the get-go. To help you choose a drink, you are presented with a dozen gummy bears flavoured like their cocktails, which get their names from different dreams or desires. For example, the Baby cocktail would get you a gin-based drink laced with milk, vanilla, apricot, honey, citrus. Some of the drinks feature eyebrow-raising ingredients; Revenge is infused with blood, and those who dare to drink SuperCar will get a taste of petrol (!!).

25. 28 Hong Kong Street

best cocktail bars in singapore
Image: Instagram

If you want a really well-made classic cocktail with no frills, head to 28 Hong Kong Street, a long-time Singapore favourite. Sure, you can ask for the bartender to wing it and give you a unique drink, but you can’t go wrong with its perfectly executed Old Fashioned, paired with one of the bar’s famous bar snacks (we hear their Mac n’ Cheese balls are worth every sinful calorie).

24. Operation Dagger

best cocktail bars in singapore
Image: Facebook

True to its name, visiting Operation Dagger will make you feel like a bad-ass spy. First of all, it’s impossible to find unless you’re really looking for it—it’s found in the basement of a no-name building just a tiny bit removed from the busy nightlife of Ann Siang Road. Its unique cocktails are made of ingredients like fermented fruit wines, vinegar, and goat’s cheese—strange, but pretty damn delicious.

15. Atlas

best cocktail bars in singapore
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If you love your gin, you’ve got to pay a visit to Atlas, which boasts a gin collection of more than 1,000 bottles, displayed in a jaw-dropping library of sorts that make the centrepiece of the bar. Atlas also specializes in champagne, with 250 labels to choose from. And get a load of all that Art Deco glam—perfect for adding glitz to your Instagram!

7. Manhattan, Singapore 

best cocktail bars in singapore
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Ranked as the best bar in Asia, The Regent Hotel’s Manhattan impresses immediately with its classically luxurious interiors straight out of old New York. Its menu doesn’t disappoint—the signature drink of this American-style bar is obvious, but every single thing on the menu is worth checking out. Try ordering something from the bar’s very own rickhouse, where cocktails are stored in custom oak barrels—the better to develop flavour and character with, of course!

Which of the best bars in Singapore will you be visiting next? Let us know in the comments!

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